Elaine Gale


The story starts with 3 siblings Claire, Ben and Daniel, building a snow queen in the garden, as all children do. Claire begins to create a story around  the evil snow queen and before long she explains how Elaine Gale – the evil snow queen has placed a spell on all children to be naughty so that when Santa checks his naughty and nice list no-one has been good and thus no presents are needed.

Happy with their days work they head back in for tea, but soon realise that their story is unfolding in front of their eyes. Realising they are the only ones who can stop Elaine Gale they start about a journey to overcome her evil plan and restore Christmas before it’s too late.


I started writing the book after a particularly snowy winter several years ago. My now wife and I had built a 7 foot snow queen in her parent’s front garden and before I knew it the initial idea for the poem was born.

A huge fan of all things festive, I decided I would only work on the poem in the month of December as a bit of festive fun, and so over the next few years that’s exactly what I did. It took many years to get from there to here but in December 2015 I finally finished the first draft. I didn’t really have a plan for it at that point, I was just happy to have finished something I could be proud of and show my children one day.

But then for the Christmas of 2016 my lovely wife Sophie had it made into a book to give me as a gift. I was blown away, it was done without illustrations and fancy fonts, but just seeing it as a book really got me thinking, so I started looking for an illustrator. I put the word out to find someone to help me bring this whole project to fruition and it was at that point I was introduced to Connor. Connor sent some initial drawings over and I really liked his style, it had hints of Tim Burton and Dr Seuss but at the same time stood up as his own. I knew straight away he was the person I wanted to use so we got to making the book a reality.

Following some collaboration on how we felt it would look and progress we started to refine the process and slowly but surely our story began to take shape.




The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale is an independent book produced by Daniel and Connor, we do not have the backing of a major publisher and as such this book is only possible thanks to the continued support of those who purchase the book directly.




Daniel Thompson - Author



I’m Danny, a Poet/film maker/musician and all round creative human from Birmingham.

I wrote this book because I love Christmas and I wanted to create something to add to the already rich tapestry of the Christmas festivities. I felt it was really important to tell an original Christmas story that a new generation of readers can claim as their own. I am really proud of what Connor and I have created with this book and I hope you enjoy our work.


I’m Connor, a graphic design student and illustrator from Birmingham.

For me the book was an exciting project to work on because its quirky story and writing style really inspired my imagination. As a Christmas story it was unlike anything already available, this refreshing look at the Christmas story gave me a lot to work with. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I loved making it.

Connor Edwards - Illustrator




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Dan Thompson - children’s author/poet

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We love this...

World Book day and my daughter Sarah wanted to be Elaine Gale. Thanks for the inspiration !

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